They’re done with! They’re over!! I am officially a war survivor!! Wohoooo!! *runs around flailing arms wildly in the air* *does a few cartwheels* I have been battered, bruised, and kicked about these past two weeks. Don’t know what I’m ranting on about? One word : Exams.
Yeah, now you know my feels. But even though the going was rough, even though sometimes it felt as if I’d never see the light of day again(namely before my S.St paper), I persevered and climbed the mountain to glory(and a LOT of TV watching time). I gave it my all, I made sacrifices, sometimes I just wanted to give up(namely before my S.St paper), but I kept going. For I have fandoms to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ( Yeah that’s a Robert Frost referring there. And I know we don’t ‘keep’ fandoms, but ‘ship’ didn’t rhyme with ‘sleep’. Apologies. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.)