A Gormless Guide to What Not to Do

So my exams are going on.
So I mean I was thinking – yes, because when I am supposed to be learning facts and cramming stuff that I can guarantee I will never ever need in my life, I spend my time doing seemingly more doable stuff like *pause for dramatic effect* – thinking. 
So I was thinking about the things people shouldn’t do so that other people don’t think they’re complete jerks. And after having discussed with a few friends (Pabby, Adi, Pankhu 😀 ), we present before you, a list of What Not To Do :

1. Do not say “Er my gosh… ex-ciuze me?” in a Kim Kardshian-y voice when people bump into you. I mean, I’m sorry I hurt you but I obviously did not hurt you enough to make you stop being a dick about it.
2. Do not put a price tag on every. Damn. Thing. I mean, “I bought this phone for 20k lol.” It gets more useless than that, “I went to see this doctor, his fee was 850 bucks.” Did. I . ASK??
3. Do NOT criticize your own country. Sheesh you pathetic asses. 😐
4.Do NOT be a grammar nazi. Seriously,
   Me : Hey. Happy birtday!
   Person : Thanks. Improve your english
   Me : English will be spelt with a capital ‘e’ you pompous ass. *goes offline*
5. Do not stand in front of queues like McDonalds, whilst there are a dozen people behind you waiting for their own food, and decide what you want to eat. My friend stood behind this chic for literally five minutes before she finally decided she wouldn’t be able to down large sized fries with her chicken burger.
6. If you’re a teacher, do not wish students luck before the paper. I mean, “Thanks… Satan.”
7. Do not tell people you’re gonna flunk the test if you’ve studied TWELVE FREAKING HOURS for it. Don’t mislead us.