Why Books Are Awesome (even though you already know it!)

So I recently had an online chat with this guy whom I thought was my age, but then turned out to be old. Very old. -_-
Yes, the internet is a bad, bad place. Annywayys, I had a pretty good debate with this guy, about why books are awesome, because this person had not read a single one (so non-enlightened. I tell you -_-)
So, here’s my take on why books are awesome, even though you already know it.
“Mans best friend”, “many lives in one”, “a free trip”, these are the phrases that come to mind, when someone mentions the word “books” in front of me. Starting with the more boring stuff, books help to improve our vocabulary. People having read books, generally have better vocabulary, in general. Science, technology, maths, won’t have been the same, if we didn’t have aeons of information passed on to us, via books. We have suffered, for not using the written language before. Earlier whenTansen used to sing, deer stopped to listen, lamps lit themselves in the King’s court, the skies opened up, but it all seems like folklore to us now. If that music could have been preserved today, all this  won’t seem as if its from another world. We all have enough worries in our own lives, and escaping into a realm where the problems are not ours seems like a pretty viable option sometimes. I mean think about it – a place where you’re constantly defying the laws of Physics, where hearts are actually shaped like hearts, where you’re the prettiest/ the most handsome damsel/man in town, where everyone listen to you, and a place where every arrow you shoot lands the target – doesn’t a place like that seem enticing? Books are a free trip; you can travel to the mountains of Alaska, the volcanoes of Amazon, the pits of Tartarus, the war-struck cities of Poland, by just flipping a few pages. Books are a well orchestrated dream, and if you don’t see this; you’re not magical enough to read them.